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TSS Radio Customer Spotlight – Rick Yemm From Ice Road Truckers

Rick Yemm has become a well known subscriber and promoter of Satellite Radio. He’s best known for being a Truck Driver on The History Channel’s shows “Ice Road Truckers” and “IRT World’s Deadliest Roads.” He first experienced Sirius Radio when he was driving on the winter roads in the far north. Hugh Rowland had Sirius units in all of his trucks. Rick and those on Ice Road Truckers would drive in areas around Yellowknife Canada so cold and isolated there are no paved roads. But Sirius would work in the area, but not as far north as Inuvik. On much of the drive Satellite Radio was key entertainment. He listens to Sirius XM’s Faction mostly, and loves the Jason Ellis show. In addition Rick loves Pop2k and Lithium for the music selection.

Image Courtesey of The History Channel

Rick learned about TSS-Radio from advertisements on Sirius and the BTLS Show. Since then Rick has purchased many radios and accessories from us including a Sirius Sportster, Stiletto 2, and various Truck Antennas and Power Cords. Rick is a huge promoter of both Sirius Radio and TSS-Radio where he purchases his equipment. His wifes vehicle has a large TSS-Radio sticker on it and he even had a TSS-Radio sticker on his truck in India while filming IRT World’s Deadliest Roads.

Rick ended up on IRT World’s Deadliest Roads when the production team approached the hauling company. The hauling company was asked if they knew any truckers that would be good for TV and naturally Rick’s name was brought up. After an interview with the production of the TV show they indeed determined Rick was a good match. IRT Deadliest Roads has been a perfect opportunity for Rick to get back on TV. He enjoys the fame but at the end of the day he is making a living just like anyone else. IRT Deadliest Roads has already been a big success for The History Channel and it’s been great to see Rick back in the spotlight.