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“Doctor Radio Reports: Is Your Kid High?” To Air On SIRIUS XM Radio

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SIRIUS XM Radio announced that it will broadcast Doctor Radio Reports:Is Your Kid High?, a live one-hour special hosted by journalist Perri Peltz and a panel of top experts including a DEA Special Agent, a renowned substance abuse treatment expert, and a leading psychiatrist–delve into a topic that has parents everywhere worried: kids and drugs.

Doctor Radio Reports: Is Your Kid High? will air live January 22 at10:00 am ET on Doctor Radio, SIRIUS channel 114 and XM channel 119. The phone lines will be open for the entire show for listeners around the country to call in with their questions. It will replay January 23 at 3:00 pm ET and January 24 at 4:00 pm ET.

Doctor Radio Reports: Is Your Kid High? will feature a panel of experts including leading NYU Langone Medical Center psychiatrist Dolores Malaspina MD, MPH, the Anita and Joseph Steckler Professor of Psychiatry, former chairman of the NYU Bellevue Department of Psychiatry and the co-host of Doctor Radio’s weekly psychiatry show. She now directs InSPIRES, an institute for Social and Psychiatric Initiatives at the NYU Langone Medical Center focused on preventing and curing severe mental disorders. The other featured guests are Deni Carise, MD, Chief Clinical Officer, Phoenix House, an internationally recognized leader in substance abuse treatment and research; and John Gilbride, Special Agent in Charge of New York Field Division of the DEA.

What drugs are kids using today? Where are they getting them? Is your medicine closet their supplier? What are the warning signs to look for, and what should you do when you think you know? How should parents talk to their kids about this sensitive subject? Teens can be moody – how can you tell if your kids are acting normal for their age or if their behavior is symptomatic of something more malignant?

Peltz and her guests will help parents navigate this important and complex topic, and arm them with three important lists they can take away:

  • Signs to look for in your child: how to read their moods, behavior patterns and friendships.
  • A checklist for making your home safe: a lot of the drugs kids are using today are coming right out of the medicine cabinets in their homes. Which drugs are those and what should you do to prevent abuse?
  • How to talk to kids about drugs: we now have a generation of parents who grew up in a drug culture, how should they answer the questions “Did you smoke marijuana?” and “Did you use drugs?”
  • Other questions and topics they will explore include: what are drug traffickers and dealers doing to lure kids? What if your kid asks you if you ever got high? Do you tell your kid if you want to try marijuana that they should try it at home? What are the trends and popular drugs these days? What is the DEA concerned about? What is a “pharm party?” How are kids getting drugs over the internet?