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SkyDock Sets New Standard In Satellite Radio

XMSkyDock150x150Whether you are a long time satellite radio aficionado, or just now considering the Sirius XM service, the XM Skydock has something for you.  SkyDock, released earlier this month, essentially turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into the best satellite radio device the medium has ever seen.

Skydock may seem simple, but there is a lot of technology bundled into the device.  The SkyDock works in concert with an iPhone or iPod touch through a free application that can be downloaded directly from iTunes.   If you are familiar with Apple apps, you already know the myriad of things that they can do for you.  Now apply that process to a satellite radio service that offers well over 100 channels of music, sports, and talk programming, and you can begin to appreciate exactly what these software applications are capable of.

One key element of SkyDock that is not getting as much attention as it should is the PowerConnect technology.  This allows the Skydock to be powered and mounted directly to a cars cigarette lighter adapter.  PowerConnect not only powers the device, but allows you to tie in to your cars existing stereo system with ease that simply did not exist before.  With PowerConnect, you can have your Sirius XM programming broadcast through an FM channel on your existing stereo.  If your car has an auxillary input, you can utilize that as well.

An XM SkyDock combined with an iPhone puts many things right at your fingertips.  You have satellite radio, your phone, your contact list, emails,  and all of the apps that you are already used to in one convenient place.  The satellite radio chips are embedded into the SkyDock, but that does not mean you need to keep the iPhone docked to listen to your tunes.  Undocked, an iPhone with the Sirius XM Internet Radio app allows you to stream most channels directly through your iPhone.

The XM SkyDock is feature driven and with the SkyDock or Sirius XM Radio apps, you finally have a source for music discovery (or rediscovery) that simply did not exist before.  It is the perfect marriage between satellite radio and iTunes.  Tagging is great, but the features do not stop there.  Users can mark their favorite channels, set alerts for specific artists,  access a sports ticker, and even track the stock market through the stock tracking feature.

SkyDock is available now through standard retailers nationwide, as well as retailers like TSS-Radio that specialize in satellite radio.  Whether you are a long time subscriber or jest now considering satellite radio, your experience with SkyDock will be positive.  Simply stated, SkyDock is the best satellite radio ever made, and you wont regret giving it a try.