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PowerConnect Technology is a Game Changer

PowerConnectLogoIt’s been 3 years of explaining the arduous task of how to get better sound quality from XM and SIRIUS Radios since the FM Transmitters were no longer as strong as they once were. At TSS-Radio we highly emphasized the need for things like the Sirius FM Direct Adapter, the XM FM Direct Adapter or Auxiliary Input Adapters when installing a Satellite Radio so that one could get some sort of Decent sound quality. People have been holding onto their old Satellite Radios with Strong FM Transmitters like gold since they knew how well they worked vs. the newer radios.

This month that all changes. SIRIUS XM has created a new technology called PowerConnect. What Power Connect does is essentially mimic the sound quality the old strong FM radios did, but it doesn’t carry over to nearby vehicles affecting their listening. I’ve heard about the PowerConnect system for months and I was convinced it would have been similar quality to the FM Extension Cable or XM Sure Connect but after testing it in multiple vehicles it’s clear that the PowerConnect is the answer and solution we’ve all been waiting for. No doubt about it, the PowerConnect Technology works and works really well. It’s neck and neck as good as sound quality from an FM Direct Adapter install and is as easy as plugging in the attached Cigarette Lighter Adapter that the new radios come with.

Three new radios come with PowerConnect. The XM SkyDock, the XM Onyx, and the SIRIUS Stratus 6. The PowerConnect doesn’t add any additional wires or cables to one’s install, in fact it removes one. If you setup your radio with PowerConnect all you really need to do is plug in the antenna, mount the radio, and plug in the PowerConnect 5 Volt Cigarette Lighter Adapter. The PowerConnect adapter uses the ground in the cigarette adapter to spread the signal through your vehicle. SIRIUS XM Radios with Power Connect are now easier to install than the Strong FM Plug and Play Radios ever were.

If you have a fairly new radio that doesn’t have PowerConnect your aren’t out of luck. There are PowerConnect car kits coming out soon that will be backwards compatible. Those kits will work with the following radios. On the XM side Audiovox Xpress, Xpress EZ, XpressR, Xpress RC, and Mirge. On the SIRIUS side Starmate 3, Starmate 4, Starmate 5, Stratus, Stratus 4, Stratus 5 and Sportster 5.

PowerConnect is a game changer. For the past 3 years it has been more of a hassle to get Satellite Radio in the car because most units would need to be installed with additional hardware. That is once again a non issue. The PowerConnect technology makes setting up and listening to Satellite Radio easy again. Now is the time to quit procrastinating and upgrade your radio or buy one as a gift for a friend or family member all thanks to this little power adapter.